Jane’s Purple Crayon

My purple colored pencils, my purple paints, my purple oil pastels always seem to be the smallest…the ones needing refills. They spill over into indigo and pinks to oranges. I have to make a conscious decision in order to select another palette. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I do because I just don’t have enough purple left. I have been a artist since I could hold a crayon,I recall being not yet three years old, making life easy on my mom as I happily colored away for as long as I could.My mom was awesome, as I continued my drawings at bedtime… I was allowed to stay up drawing and coloring as long as I wanted as long as I stayed in bed. So, I would diligently assemble all my materials around me and continue my work til sleep found me.  I do believe at that time I believed everything I worked at was beautiful. I am sure it was absolute pure, uncontrived expression that reflected feelings I did not even have words for. I wish I could view some of those works…but I recall well the feeling of satisfaction from them.

This painting is mixed media. I did it sometime during the winter/spring 2015. I don’t believe it is my “best work” as I am forced to look at it critically.  I know I did produce it with some confidence of authentic expression,there was joy and I see it and I am content with it.Janes art photos 2015 008

Untitled Mixed Media, approx 15 X 22 in on watercolor paper image prop. of Jane Callahan

Information on availability email JaneC1965@att.net




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